Sheffield and Siemens next generation transport modelling

The different modes of city transport (buses, cars, rail, trams) need to work together effectively to enable aspirations for 21st century city living to be realised. At the same time energy consumption and pollution needs to be reduced, while the consequences of changes to transport networks need to be predicted before they are implemented. These objectives can only be effectively achieved through simulation, which is challenging to conduct at both wide geographical scale and at the resolution of individual traveller experience.

S2AM screenshot

S2AM screenshot

Working with Siemens, researchers in Mechanical Engineering, Automatic Control & Systems Engineering and Computer Science are collaborating to develop the Siemens Sheffield Advanced Multimodal Simulator (S2AM). This multi-modal transport microsimulation can model thousands of individual travellers as they use an urban transport system, currently focusing on rail systems and the movement of people in and through stations. Stage 2 of the work launched in February 2017 and will improve integration of road and bus networks into the simulation. A video is available demonstrating output from the current research.

Staff involved are:

Computer Science:
Dr Paul Richmond
Robert Chisholm

Mechanical Engineering:
Dr David Fletcher
Bob Hickish

Automatic Control & Systems Engineering
Prof Rob Harrison